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We offer consulting services in two ways.

On the one hand, tailor-made b2b and b2c oriented seminars, on the other hand, supporting the growth of our customers' sales with 2 innovative tools: Pocket Biz & Eye - Tracking.

Basic & Advanced Merchandising

General Merchandising

Merchandising standards

Merchandising Terminology

Merchandiser Job Description

Buying habits

Implementation of Category Management


Basic Sales Principles

Sales development techniques

Salesmanship Skills


Objection handling



Salesperson Position Specification


Key Account Management

K.A.M. knowledge and skills

The role of K.A.M.

Customer evaluation

Development plan

Profitable customer development

2023 Sales


1 minute Sales (b2c)

Market identity

Salesperson identity

Customer ID

Sales stages

Importance of time

Customer importance

Successful buying and selling

Successful seller/customer relationship


Progress and results of our real time!

We use the App Merchandising Tool of Pocketbiz Sales through which and with the use of a tablet or a smartphone we can get real time results from the user

We see through the eyes of your consumers and buyers!

It is a high-tech scientific tool consisting of an eye-tracker and a software. Through this we are able to know precisely how human beings process visual information, i.e. where exactly they look and what catches their attention! Apart from the field of scientific research, eye-tracking can be used in several fields such as in Marketing, Sales and Advertising,

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